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Níspero Restaurant

Restaurante Casa Níspero>

At the Níspero Restaurant it is possible to savor a delicious signature cuisine that fuses diversity with local flavors. It is divided into two areas, for the comfort of guests; in the interior space you can breathe warmth, privacy and luxury, while in the garden the atmosphere is festive, natural and relaxed.

Executive Chef:

Pablo Ravassa is part of the new generation of Colombian chefs who bet on innovating by rescuing the soul of traditional cuisine. His ten years of experience in the old continent and Asia, positions him as one of the promises of gastronomy in the country. He has shared the kitchen with great Latin American exponents such as Renzo Garibaldi and Ciro Watanabe, and was named by Dinners Magazine as one of the seven chefs of 'The new generation' in Colombia. Now in Níspero restaurant he delights us with his Colombian fusion preparations.


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